Welcome To Taiba International

Taiba International is Manufacturer and Exporter of a substantial range of saddlery lines. Taiba International is home to a number of highly skilled craftsmen who produce high quality riding and driving bits, locks, commemorative brass plaques, industrial hinges, belt buckles, saddlery accessories and other metalwork items for various industries. Generally, the most expensive item after your horse that will invest in will be your saddle. That is why saddle fitting has be..

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  • 01.Equestrian

    With brass molded saddle and harness hardware and subsequently expanded to wired hardware of brass, stainless steel, molded stainless steel, aluminum and zinc equestrian metal hardware, dog collar metal hardware, horse racing metal hardware and belt buckle.
  • 02.Equestrian

    The products offered by Taiba International are all optimally geared to the needs of horses and riders. For instance, our bits are made from sweet iron and our rugs stay in place. Our products support riders and horses in achieving top performances.
  • 03.Leather

    Leather is a material made from the tanning of hides and skins of animals. The skin of the animals goes through a number of processes to form supple and strong material, which is known as leather.